April AAUW President’s Letter

Please join us for our April general meeting.  We have a very interesting program planned and will also vote for our new officers for 2011-2012.

If you have a new address or email address, please send them to our Membership Treasurer Kathy Lawrence.

AAUW continues to promote STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math). Congratulations to the winners of awards at the Rochester Regional Science Fair!  Roohi Katarya, Friedell Grade 8, won the AAUW middle school award for her project on “The Effect of Music on Reaction Time”.  Cheenar Banerjee, Century Grade 10, won the AAUW high school award
for her project on  “Artificial Emotion: A Novel Way of Emotion recognition for Affective Computing”.  Natasha Sohni, daughter of AAUW member Rajani Sohni, won
several awards for her project “Syntactic Pattern Recognition differences in the human brain”.

Thank you to AAUW Red Wing for giving our branch 400 copies of “Girls and
Sports” by New Moon and a few Celebrate Girls posters to donate to local non-profits.  The YMCA will distribute the books on Healthy Kids day in April.  Books and
posters were also given to 2 Girl Scout troops.

You can still sign up for the AAUW state convention to be held in Winona April 29-May 1.  Registration forms are available in the Pine.

AAUW is looking for some new community projects for next year.  If you would like to help or have ideas, please contact me.  RCTC will no longer be holding “College is
Possible” because they now have a full-time person working with students in the schools and attendance at the “College is Possible” was down.  Thank you to
Ione Schloegel, Lynne Eckhart, and RCTC for their past work on this project. 

The AAUW web site http://www.aauwrochmn.org continues to be updated.  I have added a President’s blog.

Diane Hellie

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