Social Media for AAUW: AAUW Dialog blog (2)

My second blog entry for social media for AAUW will cover the AAUW Dialog blog.

To get started with social media, I suggest you read AAUW’s award winning blog at least once a week.  A blog is an online journal, posted on a website and updated regularly. People create and maintain blogs on every imaginable topic; organizations use them to keep their constituents informed about news, events, and relevant issues. The AAUW Dialog blog contains lots of great articles related to AAUW’s mission of equity for women and girls.

To access the blog you can go to and the blog entries are on the right hand side of the web page.  You can also go directly to the blog by using the url  Everyone can read the blog – you do not even need to be an AAUW member. 

On the right hand side of the AAUW blog page you can sign up to receive an email notification every time a new blog entry is added.  I had found this to be very useful because I use email everyday and now I know immediately when a new blog entry has been added. 

 When you learn to use Facebook and Twitter, you can link to blog entries you would like to share with other people.

 On the right hand side of the AAUW blog, you will see lots of useful information including:

  •   Links to recent blog entries
  •   Archived articles
  •   Legislative alerts
  •   Links to other blogs related to AAUW’s mission
  •   Blogroll AAUW: Notice that the Fergus Falls MN and Rochester MN branches are listed here!
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