Social Media for AAUW: Introduction (1)

At the Minnesota state AAUW convention, there was a lot of interest in using social media for AAUW.  I will be creating some blog entries on social media.  This is the first entry.

Social media tools and networking sites are exactly that: social. In a variety of different ways, they each provide an online space for two-way conversation. Join Facebook and Twitter or post your thoughts on a blog, and you’ll soon find yourself part of a community of people with whom you can share your interests, ideas, and causes. For organizations, social media tools are a great way to reach out to current supporters and to attract new ones.

As an individual or as part of an organization such as an AAUW branch, you can use social media to engage people. Many online tools are available, with capabilities suited to various types of outreach, public engagement, and even advocacy. If you’re new to social media, it’s important to understand how these different tools work before you get started—and how you can use them to devise an effective communications plan. (AAUW Outlook Spring/Summer 2010).

 Social media includes:

  •   Facebook
  •   Twitter
  •   Linked-In
  •   Web pages
  •   Blogs
  •   Youtube Videos
  •   Second Life

Social Media can take AAUW to places we want to go, places we may not reach any other way. If you haven’t already, join AAUW in this adventure!

Why use social media for AAUW?

  •   Social Media can help bring our message to new audiences
  •   Social Media is an easy way for members and branches to share ideas
  •   We can engage with others on critical issues
  •   We can connect with other AAUW members throughout the country
  •   Younger people use Social media every day
  •   The number of people (of all ages) using Social Media is increasing everyday
  •   Using social media is easy and fun!
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