Social Media for AAUW: Introduction to Facebook (3)

Facebook allows people to keep in touch, upload photos, and share links to information and videos. Users create a personal profile; they can then add others to their profile—or “friend” people. When they update their profiles, their “friends” are notified.

 Organizations can also create Facebook pages. Because Facebook currently dominates the social media scene, many organizations maintain a presence on the site as a way to reach out to a wide range of people.  If you “like” a Facebook page, you will receive a notification when the page is updated.

 AAUW at the national level has several Facebook pages.  AAUW’s Facebook page currently has many friends, many of whom visit the site frequently to comment on AAUW issues and events, as well as to get information on AAUW programming. AAUW Minnesota also has a Facebook page and many branches have their own Facebook page.  

 You can look at some of the AAUW Facebook pages without a Facebook profile by displaying the url in a web browser.  You will need a Facebook profile to comment on any of the Facebook pages.  My next blog entry (4) will discuss creating a Facebook profile.

 Look at some of the AAUW Facebook pages listed above.  In my next blog entry you will learn how to create a Facebook profile so you can do more with Facebook.  For AAUW, you can use Facebook to do the following:

  • Create a Facebook page for your branch to share information about your branch and AAUW
  • “like” Facebook pages for other AAUW organizations so you keep up with current AAUW issues
  •  “like” Facebook pages for other organizations which promote equity for women and girls
  •  Comment on Facebook posts on AAUW (national) page and AAUW Minnesota page
  •   Tell other AAUW Minnesota members what your branch is doing by posting on the AAUW Minnesota page
  •   Create Facebook event invitations to invite people to your AAUW activities
  •   Share information on AAUW issues
  •   Share photos and videos
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