Social Media for AAUW: Creating a Facebook profile

Most social media tools require you to specify an email address to sign up.  You may want to create a separate email for your AAUW branch using a free email service such as gmail.  Twitter only allows 1 account per email address so you cannot use the same email address to create both a personal Twitter account and a Twitter account for your AAUW branch.  You can create multiple Facebook pages using the same Facebook profile.

To access Facebook, go to web page  You can signup for a new account on the front of the Facebook page.  All you need to provide is your name, email address, and a password you select.   You can later add more profile information that other people can see  – you may not want to list your email/phone on the profile information. 

When you sign on, you will see your “wall”.  You can write status updates on your wall or other people can write on your wall.  You will also see updates from your “friends”.

 Getting started

 I suggest you spend a few days looking at other AAUW Facebook pages before you create a Facebook page for your branch. Some of the AAUW Facebook pages are:

 —  AAUW Minnesota



—  AAUW National Convention

—  AAUW – Social Media Task Force

—  AAUW Rochester Minnesota

—  St Cloud Area AAUW

—  AAUW – Austin MN

—  AAUW Wisconsin

 To find a Facebook page, type the name, such as AAUW Minnesota, in the Search box at the top of the page and then click on the name of the Facebook page you want to look at. You can then press the “like” button so you receive notifications of updates to the page.   I suggest you like the national AAUW page, the AAUW Minnesota page, and a few branch pages so you can see how other branches use Facebook. 

 We can use the AAUW Minnesota Facebook page to share ideas from throughout the state.  Go to the AAUW Minnesota Facebook page.  You will see a box that says “Write something”.  Type in some short information on what your branch is doing and press enter.   You are now using Facebook!

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