AAUW Rochester Oct 2015 President’s Letter by Beth Nienow

This time of year, change is literally in the air.  One day the temperature is in the 80s and it’s hot and humid.  The next day is cool and we dig out our sweaters from the back of the closet.

Our personal lives can change quickly or more slowly over time. Perhaps you’ve experienced a sudden change as a result of a heart attack or stroke or perhaps you’ve witnessed a gradual change in a relative with Alzheimer’s disease.  As our health changes we make changes in our lifestyles to make things easier for ourselves or to help support a loved one.

Change, even climate change, is not always a bad thing.  In recent years, we have witnessed many positive changes in the political, economic, and educational “climate” for girls and women.  AAUW has played a role in bringing about many of these changes.  Our organization itself has become more inclusive, allowing membership for men and persons with vocational degrees.  In our local branch we have seen many changes, including decreasing membership and the aging of our group.  However, we have a dedicated core of leaders and many more who enjoy our interesting programs at our general meetings and the camaraderie of our interest groups and social groups.  As long as we have members who continue to enjoy getting together a couple times a month we will have a viable branch.

Another change you’ll see in the near future will be the switch to an electronic newsletter in Spring 2016.  Paying for a bulk mail permit is no longer cost efficient for a group of our size.  You will still receive a postcard reminder for general meetings.  The money we save will help with future programs and projects.

Change is the one of the few constants in life.  Our best option is to embrace it.

See you October 21st!

Beth Nienow,   President

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