AAUW Presidents Letter Nov 2015: by Beth Nienow


Last month I wrote about the inevitability of change.  This month I’m back with the reassurance that while some things are changing, many others are staying the same.

The biggest change coming about in the near future is our transition to an electronic newsletter, most likely in February or March, 2016. Paying for the bulk mail permit, printing, and monthly mailing is no longer cost efficient for a branch our size.  Not to mention purchasing those little white stickers we all just love (sarcasm) to tear open and the time spent to stick them on and apply address labels each month. We will use the free email service Mail Chimp to send the newsletter directly to your email, no extra clicks required.  If you are among the 10% of our members who do not have email, we will mail a copy to you.  The newsletter may come to you in both electronic and paper form for the first month or two.  A paper copy will be printed and posted along with other information pertinent to our branch on the community organizations bulletin board on the second floor of the library.

So what is staying the same?  Our November meeting will still include a silent auction to raise money for legal advocacy funds. Look around your home for treasures and upscale white elephants you are willing to part with to raise money for this good cause.  We will gather at Willow Creek for lunch in March and at the country club for dinner in May.  Our tradition of sometimes fun and sometimes thought-provoking even controversial programs continues this month with Chancellor Lehmkuhle and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Lori Carrell from UMR.

Perhaps you would like to see even more changes?  In that case, seek out any board member to share your ideas.  Better yet, consider serving on the board yourself.  In the meantime, I hope you will continue to enjoy the comfortable rhythm of our AAUW year which is sometimes predictable, sometimes not.

See you November 18th!

Beth Nienow

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