AAUW Rochester President’s Letter by Sara Staab


Happy New Year!
Lisa Maatz, National AAUW VP of Government Relations and Advocacy, has a suggestion for a New Year’s resolution – join the AAUW Action Network. Lisa reports that in 2016, the Network’s “Two Minute Activists” helped send more than 200,000 messages to state and federal legislators. AAUW Action Network supporters in all 50 states made their voices heard on AAUW’s priority issues, helping to contact all 435 U.S. House offices and 100 US Senate offices throughout the year. You can sign up to receive emails from the Action Network at

The emails make it easy to contact your Senator or Representative to voice opinions or request action on the issues relative to the mission of AAUW.

Locally, AAUW needs your help to fill positions on the branch board for 2017-2018.  A nominating committee will be working soon to find members to be on the slate for the election in April.  Please be open to serving on the nominating committee and/or the board.  Our branch is filled with wonderful women and we would love to have your talents, skills and voice on the board.

I’m looking forward to a great year of book group and foreign policy discussions, noon and evening meals, and interesting programs with our various branch groups and meetings.  These things and our support of community programs and the AAUW mission can only continue if people are willing to step up and lead.


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